Branding the Jersey's Saloon

This original bar was opened up in April of 2016 in NDG, just west of Montreal. The bar is a place full of entertainment where the bartenders dance on the bar and the clients have the opportunity to ride their mechanical bull. My job was to design their logo, have a photoshoot with the bartenders as well as film and edit their promotional video that was aired on TV.

Jersey saloon Logo by Mateo Stabio, Western Logo Design for a Bar with coyote girls dancing.

Logo Design

My job was to conceptualize a logo that had an old, western feel with sexy written all over it.

Photoshoot & Filming

I had two separate photoshoots of the Jersey Girls as a group and by themselves. The images from the photoshoots were used for their posters, newspaper ads, social media and on their website. As for the promotional video, I had filmed a pre-opening video and filmed during their opening party.

The pre-Opening promotional video was all over the news.

Unfortunately, the video had to be taken down. If you are interested in viewing the video, don’t hesitate to contact me. Here are links to Global News & The Gazette explaining why they decided to take it off the web.

Storefront Design

As for the storefront, I came up with an idea to cover the whole facade with the same old barn wood that was used inside, but treating it for rough weather conditions. The sign was to be made of wood, metal and plastic and the letters would be backlit and sticking out. The yellow bulbs around the logo would have been real bulbs inside the sign to really show the complexity and the detail in the logo. Unfortunately, the client did not have a budget for this idea.

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