My amazing trip down south

I have to admit, this wasn't something I was planning on including in my portfolio, but I think it deserves to be here. In January of 2015, I travelled down south to Argentina and Brazil and documented the entire trip using my GoPro. 

The Intro

I started my trip by visiting family in Argentina for a month, then I flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I moved around from hostel to hostel for 4 weeks.

Mateo Stabio white guy at top of of dois irmaos mountain hike hiking at the top of brazil rio de janeiro with beach

A Trip of a Lifetime

This trip really was an incredible experience. I met so many awesome people, learned to speak Portuguese. I would highly recommend visiting Rio de Janeiro.

under the water shot gopro shot trip brazil in rio, this picture was taken in ilha grande, brazil. with fish snorkeling

Timelapse of Rio de Janeiro

I really wanted to make a time lapse of Rio de Janeiro, so I spent 3 hours at the top of Sugar Loaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar) and took one picture every 5 seconds. You can see the timelapse in my video.

timelapse in brazil brasil sunset and skyfall lights turning on in the city of rio de janeiro, timelapse Pao do Açúcar

Request of footage

On a side note, I have been approached by a few companies from around the world who were in the process of making documentaries of Brazil to use some of my footage in their films. 

brazil trip video from the top pao de açucar photo sun shining through trees with mountains in the background blue sky