The Rustic Modern Wood Couch

Aside from being a graphic and web designer, I enjoy working on hands-on projects. Due to the fact that I was moving out, I wanted to grasp the opportunity to design my own couch. I wanted to go for a rustic, yet modern design.

Rustic Wood Couch Main Modern Reclaimed wood beams 3x10

Sketches to SketchUp

I had to use materials I already had which were two long reclaimed wood beams measuring 16 feet long, 10 inches wide and 3 inches thick. I was very pleased with my day-to-day progress as this was my first time using SketchUp to design furniture.

From wood to furniture

It’s one thing to have an idea, but bringing it to life is completely different. In my case, I ended up having a massive 7 foot couch that weighed over 300 pounds

Rustic Modern Wood Reclaimed wood couch in small appartment with beer keg tables  edison bulb pendant lights guitar wall

Other design features

When it came to the cushions, I had to do my own research on the fabric and the foam. Coincidentally, my brother happened to be in India while I was working on the cushions, so I sent him the measurements and had them all made over there. The below images, are of my living room with the finished couch and a couple of my many projects to complete the look of the room (the pendant LED Edison Bulbs, and my beer keg glass table.)