Finition Decoram Rebrand 2017

Finition Decoram is a home interior renovation company here is a full rebrand of the company. You can follow the process of the new logo, new business cards & redesign of the website.

Logo Rebranding Construction company in montreal finition decoram quebec, interior renovation logo

Logo Process

The only requirement I had when designing this logo was that it had to have the letters F and D in it. Since Finition Decoram is a renovation company, I thought that incorporating a house into the logo would make it more self explanatory. It took quite a few drafts to get to the final logo, but I am very happy with the outcome as well as how I was able to integrate the F and the D into the house.

Montreal Construction logo process for a home interior renovating company FD logo

animated gif of Montreal construction and renovation  company rebranding, design logo + business cards + full website

Business Cards

When it came to designing the business cards, I had complete creative freedom. I decided on making the cards vertical as opposed to horizontal to give them originality.  I was also able to choose the finish of the cards, so I went with a “silky smooth” finish so that the person receiving the card will want to hold onto it.

construction company Montreal business card design and print and full rebrand with new logo and website

Website Design

The website is still in the works, but here is an idea of the direction I’m going in.

construction company renovation construction montreal website design and branding